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Group Menu

Pickled Cucumbers (L, G)

– with sour cream and honey

8,60 €

Caesar Salad with Chicken (L, FI)

– contains fish

12,20 / 20,10 €

Tomato Basil Soup with Goat cheese

– sour cream with goat cheese and baguette
(a vegan version is also available)

11,80 / 17,00 €

Salmon with white wine sauce (G, L)

– pan fried salmon with roe, pickled cucumbers and herb potatoes

26,50 €

Sautéed Reindeer (G, L, FI)

– with mashed potatoes and lingonberries

28,20 €

Wiener Schnitzel (L, FI)

– with slice of lemon, anchovies, capers and mashed potatoes

29,00 €

Pepper Steak (L, G, FI)

– a tenderloin steak with creamy pepper sauce and garlic potatoes

38,00 €

Meatballs (L, FI)

– with mashed potatoes, pickled beetroot and pickles

22,00 €

Stuffed cabbage rolls with vegetables (G, M, IE)

– tarragon sauce, mashed potatoes and lingonberries
(contains soy, vegan version is available)

24,50 €

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